Karen & Marc

In 2011 Shaking with Laughter was established as a charitable 501(c)3 in Cleveland, with the mission to fund research for a cure for Parkinson's Disease.
      Founded by Karen Jaffe, a prominent local OB/GYN, and her husband Marc, a well-known comedian and writer, after Karen was diagnosed with Parkinson's, Shaking with Laughter will present events that include humor in an effort to raise funds for research.
      Parkinson's disease is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder whose symptoms can progress from mild tremors to complete physical incapacitation. In the United States 60,000 new cases of PD will be diagnosed this year alone. While the average age of onset is 60, an estimated five to 10 percent of people with PD experience onset at age 50 or younger.
      Currently, the bulk of our proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which is the leader in funding Parkinson's research and an innovator in the way they conduct business. 88 cents of every dollar they get goes directly to research studies immediately. They purposely have no endowment. They require open communication amongst all researchers and freely make study data available to everyone. If anyone is going to find a cure, we believe it will be through their efforts. Additionally, Shaking With Laughter may allocate some funds directly to locally worthwhile investigative studies. A smaller portion will go to programs that support the general well-being of Parkinson't patients, and awareness programs, many of which can be found through the Parkinson's Wellness Resource Center website.
      We are run solely by volunteers. Our administrative expenses are postage and this website, so over 99.5% of what we raise goes to research. We hope you will share our enthusiasm for this cause and lend your name and support.